In all my years as a professional photographer, I will say that the single-most important thing that I learned was finding ways to speed up my workflow. I would save a handful of my favorite shots from whatever wedding or senior portrait session I did to post to my blog. And, to spare myself a little time I created actions in Photoshop. In this post, I’m going to show you just how to save blog photos with Photoshop actions.

When it comes to your blogging workflow, if you can save time and automate things you would. Here's one way to do that. How to save blog photos with Photoshop Actions. Watch my video and enroll in my free course, Improve Your Blog Photography.

Why You Need Photoshop Actions To Save You Time

I’m sure you can only imagine how overwhelming it feels to shoot an 8-10 hour day wedding. It’s exhilarating, and yet exhausting at the very same time. I still don’t know how some photographers do that every weekend (sometimes even Friday and Sunday). It was probably the sole deciding factor for why I narrowed my niche to high school seniors when I was shooting.

While I’m not a huge fan of over processing your images. And we all know that some of the sets of actions available for Photoshop can be just that, I do appreciate speeding up my workflow of common steps with Photoshop actions when editing my photos.

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To do that, you have to start making Photoshop actions.

Okay, so you’re probably not editing 1000’s of photos at once. Maybe it’s just one photo per blog post you publish. And, yet, I think you’ll find that creating actions are going to save you some time while giving you consistency with your images.

Yep, I said consistency!

You’re creating a brand with your blog. Your photographs need to be representative of that brand. Having the look of each photograph be consistent should be important to you. I’m sure you’re already learning how to set up your shot and have a “theme” for your images. Let’s just throw in editing to that mix.

Some common actions I use are ones that I use on every single photo are a brightness adjustment that I can brush into a deep shadow. Or maybe I have a sharpening method I can’t live without – action. And let’s not forget about the fact that we can save them for the web with a watermark with the click of a button!

Let’s Create a Photoshop Action

I would love to show you how to save blog photos with Photoshop actions right now! This is something we all, as bloggers, have to do. I’ll give you some step-by-step instructions and then, as usual, provide you with a video at the end if you would prefer to learn that way.

  1. Start out with your photo open in Photoshop. Also, open your logo, but make sure it’s ready for watermark use (the right color, the right size). You should only have two files open at a time for this. My logo for watermarking is usually a transparent PNG in one solid color.
  2. Next, while your photo window is selected, open the Actions palette via the menu under Windows. On the Actions palette, on the pull-down menu choose New Set and then name it. I would recommend calling it “My Favs” or a something that will help you remember that this is where your favorite custom actions are located.
  3. Select “New Action” from the pull-down menu of the Actions palette so it will let you create the Action you want to save time in editing. Name your Action and then begin following through with the steps you would take to edit your photo.
  4. For this process, we want first to resize our image. Go to Image/Resize and size to fit your blog. I save to 800px wide because that’s what my blog size is.
  5. Now, while the Action is recording, select your logo window by clicking on the top where the file name is, notice the Actions has a new step where it’s selecting another file window.
  6. In the Actions palette under the menu pull-down, choose Insert Menu Item. You will do this for all of the menu steps we will do for Select All, Copy, and then later Paste. While the small dialogue box has popped up, do the actual menu process for Select All. Then choose OK. It has created this step for you. Repeat for Copy.
  7. Next, select back over to your photo window by clicking at the top of the window. Notice it places a new Action step in your Actions palette. Repeat the step before by doing a Paste from Insert Menu.
  8. Finally, create a stop in the Menu that notifies you that you can move the layer menu to a location on the photo that isn’t distracting.

I go further into this by doing the Save for Web to save you that step if you so choose. So feel free to watch the video below to see how I can save you time with how to save blog photos with Photoshop actions!

Holly McCaig

About Holly McCaig

Hey you! I'm Holly McCaig and I'm super excited to help you love and ROCK your Etsy shop. I will help you have an amazing online presence so you can build a strong business and attract more customers to your shop. Let's do this together! Let's connect on Pinterest or Instagram, k?

About Holly McCaig

Hey you! I'm Holly McCaig and I'm super excited to help you love and ROCK your Etsy shop. I will help you have an amazing online presence so you can build a strong business and attract more customers to your shop. Let's do this together! Let's connect on Pinterest or Instagram, k?


  1. Celia Crust on April 19, 2016 at 7:31 am

    Not sure if this is the right place for question. I have a beginning blog, fb n website business or at least I want it to b a business. But I had a pc crash all my saved photoshop n clip art yes! Are now hostage at the moment. Do you use external drives or USB? Fir sll your sacing pjoys n such?. What fo u prefer. My problem was a power source hoping for recovery.
    – Artgirlies

    • Holly McCaig on April 19, 2016 at 12:48 pm

      Hello Celia! Yes, I do always recommend External Drives. For a few reasons actually. One is to avoid problems if your computer goes down, but also to be able to be portable and take with me wherever I go. When I was doing my photography business full time, I would have multiple external hard drives. I would save all my images from my camera’s memory card to one. Then I would save a copy and work from that on another. That way I always had a backup. External drives have gotten really inexpensive so it’s much more affordable these days to have multiple ones. I Would even go so far as to divide my work up on a couple of drives. That way you don’t lose EVERYTHING if one of those goes. The thing about those drives is to remember that in a few years you may want to purchase a new one and backup. Another option is to use a service for online backups. What this does is run in the background and backs up your files online, off site (really great if you are ever in a fire). You could use Carbonite: for this. I am so sorry you had those issues. I hope that they can recover the power and get you back up and running. Then, if they do, go make backups!

  2. Nadia on June 11, 2016 at 4:18 am

    Hi Holly, I am regular reader of your newsletters and blog post and find your posts really helpful and easy to follow along. So big thumbs up from me and keep up the great work!!
    I am just starting out blogging for my brand and could really do with speeding up my work flow with your Actions for blog photos tip- one thing I wondered is does the new saved image overwrite the original one? Or do you have to work from a copy? And is there a way of saving all the newly resized photos into a new folder? Can I also ask you when do you rename your images? – as in nice SEO friendly web image names. Much appreciated, Nadia of Penelope Hope

    • Holly McCaig on June 11, 2016 at 8:09 am

      Hi Nadia! So glad to hear everything is of help for you! For what I demoed, it doesn’t overwrite your blog unless you hit “save” right after. So you’ll want to choose “Save As” so you save a copy. And, yes, you can do them all at once into a new folder through batching. I’ll try and write up a post on this soon! It’s a bit involved, and I’d want to record a video. Usually, for renaming, if I’m editing a batch of images at once in bulk in Lightroom to start out, I export the RAW files and do the rename in that process. But, if it’s a one-off image, I usually only rename my photos as I need them for the blog. I use the same name as my blog post title for SEO purposes. So if my blog post is: Saving Photos for Better SEO, my images would be: saving-photos-for-better-seo-01.jpg and so on. Hope that helps!

      • Nadia on June 12, 2016 at 10:10 am

        Thanks so much Holly. That is really helpful. I would definitely be keen to watch a video of batch editing if and when you can do a post on that. I am also planning on taking your course tonight- How to Edit photos in Lightroom and Photoshop for your Blog. It sounds super helpful and i’ve only just started using Lightroom so could do with the tips. Hope you enjoyed your weekend? Thanks! Nadia

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