Double Your Visibility on Etsy In a Week!

I am so confused and frustrated because I can't make a sale. What am I doing wrong? Learn how you can get exposure, fast!

Have You Ever Felt This Way?

  • I have posted my awesome products but no one is buying!
  • I keep getting a lot of visitors and likes on my products, but nothing is happening.
  • I am struggling to grow my Etsy business and consistently make sales.
  • I wish Etsy wasn't so complicated!
  • I have no idea what SEO is and how it works with Etsy.

What if It Didn't Have to Be This Way?

Holly McCaig Creative will help you love and Rock your Etsy or online shop! Consulting and coaching services.
  • Stop wading through all of the posts you find on Pinterest.
  • Quit trying to figure it out on your own, hoping something sticks.
  • Improve your listings and learn the secret to getting found with personalized feedback.
  • SEO can be simple - let me help!


With my personalized one-on-one coaching I can help you:

Learn how to get more exposure to your Etsy shop without spending money on advertising.

Get more sales for your products.

Figure out the SEO thing and optimize your listings to get found.

Ready to Get Started?

I offer three solutions to help meet the coaching needs of different levels of Etsy business owners whether just starting out or wanting more including a community to join.


Receive a video critique of your shop and what you can do to improve it. Personalized advice in video format.

ETSY Coaching

Need specific help? Let's work together to create a plan of action to get your shop in tip-top shape.


A membership limited to enrollment twice a year with courses, feedback and more to rock your shop!

Holly helped me get my shop in the best shape possible. Her detailed feedback in the video was gold. It helped me see things I had no idea I needed to change. Now, I'm implementing everything and working towards success.

Tiffany - On the Spot Studio

Holly was very prompt in answering my request to purchase her Etsy Review Basic Package. Within a few days, I received a personal video and a typed review of my shop. I learned that while I am on the right track with my shop, I still have a lot more work to do on my listings. She provided me with knowledge and recommendations that I hadn't considered before her review. She was straight to the point and honest. I recommend splurging on Etsy Coaching so that you can get one-on-one time with Holly. She is very insightful and she knows what she is doing!

Aimee - Coast + Cane

Hi, I'm Holly

When I first set up my ETsy shop back in 2008 I didn't have a clue about how to strategically set up my listings to get found. There are so many shops on Etsy. I got lost. My sales were okay, but they could have been much better.

Fast forward years later and I've perfected my listings and optimized them to get found on Etsy. I've taken the frustration out of it for you. I've taken the courses, read the articles, tested the waters. So many I lost count!

I want you to succeed. I want you to have fun selling on Etsy. I want you to make money.

Holly McCaig Creative will help you love and Rock your Etsy or online shop! Consulting and coaching services.

Why Listen To Me?

When I got serious about my Etsy shop and started optimizing it properly I went from a 3.1% conversion rate to a 5.9% conversion rate average for this year. The average person only converts 1.1%. My visits have increased by 505% compared to the previous year. And, my revenue has increased 2,066% from last year. For a $3.50 item that I sell it takes a lot to make living off it, but I do!


Don't wait any longer. Sign up for the perfect coaching option to meet your needs.


  • A personalized review of your Etsy shop via video where I walk through your shop and provide you with feedback on how to improve and optimize your shop.
  • A report document with the notes from the video and other information that might be helpful to you to get more exposure to your shop.
  • An invitation to my private Facebook Group where you can meet other Etsy sellers and discuss your findings.
  • *This is not a Q&A option - Results are delivered within 10 business days from scheduling & payment.


  • Together we will work through your specific Etsy shop needs and develop a goal and plan of action based on those needs. Each coaching plan is specific to the seller.
  • I'm yours for a specific set of time depending on your needs. Maybe that's a month? Maybe more? Let's get started!
  • We will have the opportunity to detail your SEO plan and your production schedule to build a full and marketable shop.
  • Get one-on-one chats with me via video plus weekly check-ins and motivational encouragement.


  • This is a private membership plan with all access to tons of resources, personalized feedback, coaching, and more!
  • Access to courses, private tutorials, live video and webinars to help you improve your Etsy shop and online presence
  • Quarterly interviews, podcasts and online discussion chats to get more out of your Etsy shop.
  • Graphic templates created by me to help you rock your shop!
  • BONUS: You'll receive lifetime access to membership program - that's cool!

If I purchase the Etsy Shop Review can I ask you questions about your responses? So the basic option is just that, basic. Some people just want feedback and don't want interaction. That's why I set this option up for Etsy sellers. If you need one-on-one Q&A time please consider coaching for personalized success.

Why is Rock Your Shop closed? So you may be here when the membership enrollment to Rock Your Shop is closed. That's because I only open it twice a year. This allows me to only take serious members and limit the amount of enrollees. I want to be able to give one-on-one time with each member to help them.

Will You Help Me Optimize My Shop for Search? In the Etsy Shop Review I may give suggestions to random listings. But for specific help, please request a quote for one-one-one coaching.

Will you give me detailed listing changes for me if I purchase the Etsy Shop Critique? Not exactly. However, I may pick a few listings to provide feedback in general to you with some examples. You aren't able to give me a list of the listings you want me to review.

Why should I trust what you have to say? I've had an Etsy shop since 2008 and in many of those years I had no clue what I was doing. I am taking the guesswork out of it for you. I have taken many months to learn how to grow my small Etsy shop into a large shop with a big following. My sales have jumped every single month and I have had an 8% conversion rate and sometimes higher. I love educating people and sharing to help them build a strong business.

Still got questions? Email me at and I'll gladly respond the next business day (unless I'm out of the office).

Disclaimer: I not affiliated with Etsy in any way. My coaching services are based on personal experiences and working with other Etsy shop owners. Please note that results may vary and many handmade businesses are seasonal. The efforts you put into the process weigh greatly in your success. I don't offer refunds for coaching because it's such a personal, one-on-one experience.