Boss Girl Clear Stamps + Inspiration Using Them

Boss Girl Clear Stamps + Inspiration Using Them

Being that I'm diving back into the clear stamp world, I knew I needed to tap some amazing talent. Creative people that have a mind unlike mine that can think of some amazing ways to use my new stamps.

My Creative Stamping Team

So I assembled a small team of five super inspirational ladies to help me by starting with showcasing ideas using the Boss Girl clear stamps.

These stamps aren't just for planner people. You can use them to make cards, too! As you can see from this selection of inspiration, these ladies really outdid theirselves. We're only just getting started!

Purchase the Boss Girl Clear Stamps

Interested in the Boss Girl Clear Stamps set? Click here to grab it in the shop before we run out of stock (there is a limited supply).

So here goes the explosion of creative awesomeness! To show my team a little love, visit the creative team page to find their Instagram handles.

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