Here are 50 Blog Topics for Creatives that you can start scheduling to share with your readers! Blogging for us artists may not be as easy as say someone that blogs about oh…blogging. But, you don’t have to overcommit to posting every single day. Even if you just post once a week that’s okay. Consistency is key, though. Pick a day and stick to it. Grab my blog planner workbook for creatives at the very end found in the blogging toolkit! It’s free!

Here are 50 blog post topics that all creatives/artists can use in their blogging business! Plus, click through to download a 14 page workbook to plan your creatives blog posts and promotions.


There are 52 weeks in a year (at least in 2016) and that means you just have to come up with two more blog topics for the year. And, then you’re set! I wanted to create topics that I knew that I could pull from and per my usual, I can’t keep them to myself.

What Type of Creatives Am I’m Talking About?

In this list, I’ve used the word, “Creative” but you could substitute that for artist, painter, writer, letterer, illustrator, fashion designer, whatever! The thing I never see on Pinterest are blog post ideas for us creatives. There are plenty out there for other types of bloggers, but we are seriously slack a’lackin! Even if you don’t use them all, I think it could inspire you and get you writing awesome content for other creatives.

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50 Blog Topics For Artists and Creatives

  1. 5 Creative Instagram Post Ideas for Creatives
    Share your ideas for Instagram business promotion to your niche readers.
  2. DIY Backgrounds for Creatives’ Blog Posts, Pinterest Graphics and Instagram Images
    Showcase easy DIY backdrop ideas for taking up little space for Instagram photos. I have one idea right here!
  3. How To Use ‘Software’ To _______
    Substitute any software platform and explain a certain project type for its use. Example: How To Use InDesign to Create Forms
  4. Why Using ________ Is Best for ___________
    Substitute any software platform, and similar to the post above, explain why you would use a certain type of software to do a certain project vs. other platforms. I wrote something similar here.
  5. 10 Uses for ‘Software’
    Substitute any software platform and list 10 uses for it. Elaborate the use for your readers.
  6. Free Alternatives to ‘Software’
    Substitute any software platform and give your readers free or other low-paying alternatives. Example: Photoshop vs. PicMonkey
  7. Instagram Round Up of Creatives
    Find a list of really awesome and inspiring Instagram creatives in your niche and share them with your readers. Give the Instagrammers a head’s up and ask them if they would like to share the post with their followers.
  8. My Favorite Books on ‘Subject’
    You could break this idea down quarterly and share a few of your favorite books on a creative topic. Example: My Favorite Typography Books
  9. How to Break Out of a Creative Block
    Perfect for any art niche! Share your methods for breaking out of a creative block. What helps you?
  10. 5 Creative Apps You Need to Download
    Share five apps that you use related to your field. Maybe it’s photography related – share those and why you love them.
  11. How I Became a ‘Creative’
    Substitute the word Creative with what your niche is. Share the story of how you chose your creative field.
  12. 10 Opt-ins for Creatives to Create For Their Readers
    Help your readers grow their own following. Share 10 ideas for content upgrades that they could offer. This free download might help!
  13. A Day In The Life of A Freelancer
    Give your readers an idea what your day is like running your own little creative business.
  14. Studio Tour
    Share your studio with photos and details, or video. Explain your setup and why it works for you. I did a video tour of my space!
  15. 5 Of My Favorite Script Fonts
    Creatives LOVE fonts, so share your top fonts, “script” could be substituted. This is my biggest traffic magnet!
  16. 10 Font Combinations that are Timeless
    Again with keeping on the subject of fonts, showcase some font combinations that are timeless.
  17. Gift Guides for Creatives
    This topic is great during the holidays! Share products and links to where to purchase items your favorite artists would love!
  18. Product Review
    Pick a product, maybe a lettering pen, or software, and review it for your readers (on a regular basis).
  19. My Story of How I Became a Freelancer
    Mostly for those of us creatives in business for ourselves, share the story of how you decided to start making money off what you do.
  20. My Most Influential Creative (Interview)
    This could be a regular feature where you spotlight someone in your industry that influences you.
  21. My Monthly Creative Goals
    You could change this for yearly – maybe a new year post. Share your goals for the period as it relates to your creativity.
  22. 3 Lessons I’ve Learned as a Freelancer
    Share a numerical amount of lessons that you learned as a freelancer. It could be business related or craft related.
  23. 5 Places I Go To For Creative Inspiration
    List your ideas for inspiration. Do you find it by going shopping? What about from magazines?
  24. Watch Me Work – A Timelapse
    People love watching video timelapses of a project from start to finish. Commentate with a voice over for added benefit.
  25. How My Style Has Evolved as a ‘Creative’
    Show how your style has changed over the years. Pull out your old sketchbooks or old portfolio work!
  26. Finding Color Inspiration
    All creatives use color. Share your process for how you choose your color combinations for projects.
  27. 3 Inexpensive Ways I Run My Business as a Creative Freelancer
    Readers love hearing secrets! So share the secret of three ways you inexpensively run your business. Have you found free or cheap resources?
  28. Art Shopping Trip Video
    Take your readers on a video tour of a shopping trip for your creative supplies.
  29. Pros and Cons – Software or Artist Tools
    Provide a pro and con list of a certain tool you use in your creative business.
  30. A to Z – Tips for a More Productive Day as a Freelancer
    Change up the list post with an A to Z post! Share productive day tips using each letter of the alphabet!
  31. Cheat Sheet – Shortcuts for Software or Color Combos
    This may be a better post for software use, but maybe share three shortcuts – and use the rest as a content upgrade download.
  32. Best WordPress Plugins for Creative Bloggers
    What WordPress plugins would you recommend to other creatives that blog?
  33. Best of Post – Year-End Roundup
    Everyone loves a year-end roundup review! Go through your posts and talk about your achievements – and link back to old posts for better SEO.
  34. Pros and Cons of Being a Freelancer
    Help someone trying to make a decision about going into business for themselves.
  35. What’s Inspiring Your Work Lately?
    This is one of those posts you could do quarterly because you might be into different things that inspire you.
  36. What Not To Do When Working with Fonts
    All creatives have to deal with fonts – and people love fonts! Teach them a little bit of typography rules.
  37. 5 Creative Bloggers You Should Follow
    Pick five creatives in your field that blog and share why you think others should follow them too.
  38. 10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Business
    Interview 10 awesome creatives in your field and ask them for one piece of advice they would give about being a business owner.
  39. 10 Quick Tips About Design
    A top 10 list about design will surely bring in readers – good design is a right.
  40. Why I Love Pinterest for Sharing My Art (And You Should, Too!)
    Pinterest is one of the number one social media tools out there that truly bring people to your blog. Tell them why you love it!
  41. My Current Playlist for Getting Me Through the Day
    What’s on your playlist?
  42. The Best Advice I Can Share With New Creatives
    Help mentor a college student – give them advice to help them get through like you did.
  43. The Worst Advice I have Ever Received Regarding Freelancing
    Oooh – controversy! Have you ever received bad advice about running your freelance business? Let people know (just don’t give names).
  44. 5 Tools Everyone In The Art Industry Should Be Using
    People love to know what you use. Change out “art industry” for any type of art like brush lettering, watercolor, etc.
  45. 3 Ways Good Design Makes For a Happier World
    Cater it to your creative field, by expressing your love for good design with examples is fun.
  46. 7 B.S. Facts Everyone Thinks About Freelancers
    I love these! Funny stuff. Know those memes? “What People Think I do…” Do something fun like this!
  47. What The World Would Be Like Without Creatives
    Take time to describe a world without a creative artist. How boring, right?
  48. 5 Podcasts for Creative Business Owners
    Go on a hunt and find some podcasts you would recommend to other creatives.
  49. 20 Reasons Creatives Are Sweeter Than Christmas Morning!
    Here’s your chance to share with the world 20 awesome things about creative people.
  50. 10 Signs ‘Creatives’ Should Invest In ‘Product’
    I look at this as an opportunity to help someone upgrade a product they are using. I.E. Photoshop Elements to Photoshop

There you have it! 50 awesome Blog Post Topics for Creatives ready for you to get started writing awesome content. I’ve given you a variety of blog post topics that allow you to have some that may take some more work or research and some that are a little more fluffy to get people to see the personal side of you. As always, see how you can work in links to past posts, or to promote any of your products that you sell, too.

Free Workbook – Blog Planning for Creatives

Now, here’s that awesome workbook I was telling you about! My Blog Planning for Creatives Workbook was created out of a need to help my fellow artists. You’ll find it in the blogging toolkit below. There are some other helpful resources in there that you will want to use.

Let me know in the comments below if you have other awesome blog topic ideas for artists and creatives you’d add to the list!
Holly McCaig

About Holly McCaig

Hey you! I'm Holly McCaig and I'm super excited to help you love and ROCK your Etsy shop. I will help you have an amazing online presence so you can build a strong business and attract more customers to your shop. Let's do this together! Let's connect on Pinterest or Instagram, k?

About Holly McCaig

Hey you! I'm Holly McCaig and I'm super excited to help you love and ROCK your Etsy shop. I will help you have an amazing online presence so you can build a strong business and attract more customers to your shop. Let's do this together! Let's connect on Pinterest or Instagram, k?


  1. Celia Crust on February 18, 2016 at 4:08 pm

    Hi..I read your blog post bout stats…I hear ya..everyone will go to fb posts but not purchase from Web or join in conversation. I closed our 13 year retail store and hoped to succeed by Web but I find its harder and not as easy. I feel at times I talking to my I love ur site…n your plans, ideas n wish u success! Artgirlie- Celia

    • Holly McCaig on February 19, 2016 at 8:03 am

      Oh Celia, I can only imagine running a retail location is like 10 times harder! I always dreamed of owning a stationery store but I know that I am probably dreaming. Yes, I DO feel like I’m talking to myself. I am going to commit to commenting on blog posts more. I mean, if I do it, maybe others will to. How do we know what we need to do to improve or give more info if no one is talking to us? Thank you for such sweet words. I know that as artists we have to stick together!

  2. Lydia on August 26, 2016 at 6:06 am

    Absolute life saver! I am batch planning blog topics and I literally have 3 pages of ideas after reading this blog post. My creative fairy god mother strikes again!

    • Holly McCaig on August 26, 2016 at 9:24 am

      Yaass! So many great ideas, right?

  3. Lisa S. on December 14, 2016 at 4:21 pm

    Hi Holly! LOVE your website. You mentioned above a “My Blog Planning for Creatives Workbook” but I couldn’t seem to find a link to it. Have you taken it down off your site? Thank you!

    • Holly McCaig on December 15, 2016 at 8:39 am

      Hi Lisa! I do still have it, but I am in the middle of updating my site and categories. I plan on having a section and having this as part of a toolkit in January. So sorry – time is getting away from me this month with the holidays!

  4. Malin Eva on January 4, 2017 at 7:57 pm

    So glad I found you, Holly! These ideas are just what I have been looking for as I plan to blog through my pattern design business. Thanks!!
    /Malin Eva

    • Holly McCaig on January 5, 2017 at 11:08 am

      That’s great! You’ll find blogging to help so much!

  5. Karla @ Travellersoul76 on January 6, 2017 at 6:45 pm

    I was on Pinterest and found your pin about these 50 blog topics and wow, these are all awesome!

    Great to beat writer’s block for sure.

    More writing in 2017 then! Thank you so much for sharing this.

    Can’t wait to learn more!

  6. A. P. McKinney on July 24, 2017 at 11:21 am

    Thanks for this, I just started my blog and I have kinda hit a “dry spell” with my posts. Honestly I’m having a difficult time selecting my next topic.

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